Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Tree of Promise

Wayne stepped off the train platform on his way home. It was only 2 blocks by the sidewalk to get to his home. However he always liked to take the path which was a little farther.

The path went up over a hill and even though there wasn’t much along the way there was sometimes an unexpected flower having popped up. The tree that was at the very top of the hill would seem very calming or at times it even made him laugh.  

As he was going up the hill he got closer to the tree and yes, he started feeling giddy and before he knew it he was laughing and all the troubles and cares of his office life just fell away for a moment. 

He stopped and looked at the tree and laughed and smiled and felt so much better. He had no idea why the tree had this effect but it always cheered him up or just made him feel relaxed. He waited for a few minutes and smiling, walked on to his home.

Later that night as the moon was rising, just over the horizon, it had that beautiful orange-type glow that the moon has at times. Then at the base of the tree the little people came out and they were laughing and dancing as always. They looked at the base of the tree which was just above their home and they felt so good about it. 

They knew about Wayne who went by regularly and purposely took the foot path just so he could experience the happiness or the calm, whatever came over him.

Grandfather Elf said, “We’ve done good work. The tree has been our home but it’s time for us to move on. Now what can we do to give this walker who comes up the path one last happy experience?”

The next day Wayne got off the train feeling overwhelmed and confused - work had been hard and he wasn’t sure whether he really wanted to stay there anymore but he knew what he could do right now. Wayne stepped off the platform and made a beeline for the footpath. He thought to himself, "If anything can help me to feel better this is it." 

He started up the path and it was like always except that there were new flowers - he didn’t know where they had come from. He wondered whether someone planted flowers along the way. 

He stopped and looked at them. One was purple and right next to it a sweet little yellow flower. As he looked at them for a moment he felt calmer and enjoyed the rest of his walk up the hill. 

When he approached the top of the hill there was a woman there and as he got closer he smiled shyly towards her and she smiled back. “Hello,” he said. She answered, “Hi. What’s your name?” He responded, “My name is Wayne.” She asked, “Do you come this way often?” He answered, “Yes, I do. I don’t think I’ve met you before.” She said, “Oh, my name is Sally.”

“Oh, that’s nice. And where do you live,” Wayne asked. Sally answered, “Oh I just moved in” and she pointed the other way down the path to an apartment building which was right across the street from Wayne’s house. He said, “Oh that’s, that’s so close. I just live across the street.” “Oh that’s nice,” she said. 

Sally continued, “I haven’t seen many people on this footpath. You’re the first one today and I have to say I was surprised to see somebody come up the path wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase.” 

Wayne laughed out loud cheerfully and said, “This is one of the reasons that I come up this path. I come from the office and it’s the same work day after day and it’s very boring and tiring and I come up this path because it’s more natural. There’s flowers sometimes. There’s some new flowers as I was coming up the path. Did you see them?” 

“No,” she said, “I haven’t seen those yet. I came up from the other way but I noticed some new flowers from where I came up also.” Wayne smiled and said, “Oh good. I always love it when there’s flowers and the tree, you know, it’s very cheerful or sometimes just calming.” 

Sally agreed saying, “I’ve noticed that. When I came up this trail just to explore, the tree was so beautiful and I just suddenly felt so relaxed like everything was alright.” Wayne added, “That’s exactly the experience I have. Either that or I just feel happy and I laugh.” 

Sally said, “What a wonderful thing and it’s so nice to find somebody else who does this kind of thing and comes and explores. The sidewalk is the quicker route, you know.” 

Wayne agreed and said, “I know but I love this way.” Sally smiled and said, “I love this way too.” And they continued talking happily for the next few minutes.

Deep underground Grandfather Elf said, “This is wonderful. They’ve both been so lonely for so many years and now they have each other.” Grandmother Elf replied, “This is truly a wonderful thing to do. I’m so glad that we got together with Grandmother Tree and said the right prayers for this to happen.” 

While Wayne and Sally were walking back down the path towards their homes Sally showed Wayne the new flowers she had seen. They were both smiling and enjoying their new friendship. 

Meanwhile back at the tree the elf family had their bags packed and were ready to go. Grandmother Elf asked,”Do you think they’ll really get married?” Grandfather Elf who knew these things said, “Oh yes. They’ll be together regularly and I think maybe they’ll have a long happy life together and have several children and it will be good and what more can you ask out of life.” 

Grandmother Elf smiled at Grandfather Elf and she said, “You know, when you say things like that it makes me realize what a wonderful world it can be.” 

Pretty soon the golden door opened and off they went to retire in happiness.

Happy Valentines Day to you all.