Monday, April 03, 2017

Someday Soon

  Arcan circled over the planet. It was certainly beautiful. Blue and white and green. He’d never seen a planet like that. He got a little closer and he looked at the northern part of the planet. He hadn’t seen that before. There was these beautiful colors just dancing around - it was brilliant and wonderful and marvelous. 
 He got a little closer and he saw some people. He was actually not that far from them. They were pointing in his direction - he wasn’t too surprised.
 He swooped down and settled on a log and the people ran over and they said, “What kind of bird are you” and Arcan thought about that and said, “I’m the bird of change and transformation. I help to bring out the good parts in people and help them to let go of the parts they don’t like so much.”
 “We’re already feeling better,” the people were saying, “It’s wonderful. Will you stay with us for a while.” “I’ll stay for just a little while,” he said and Arcan flew around the places where the people were and then he came back and settled back down on the log and the people were all smiling and sitting down and at that time were having a meal.
 Arcan looked around. They seemed to be happy. Things looked better. The children were playing and not fighting over any toys and everyone seemed to be much better.
 The people waved at Arcan and he flew on. “I wonder where else I have to go on the planet,” he thought and he flew over a body of water.
 It was very vast and since he could float he settled down on the water and pretty soon people who swim in the water - some big, very big and some very small swam up to the surface and they said, “Who are you” and he said, “I am Arcan” and a big swimmer came up and said, “I know this person.”
 Arcan recognized the whale immediately, an old friend. “Good to see you, my friend,” said Arcan. “Yes, good to see you too. I will tell them all about who you are and what you do. You can fly on now if you wish,” whale said. “Thank you,” Arcan said and off he flew.
 He got a little closer to a place where there were many structures, many buildings but he noticed at the top of one building there was a garden. Someone had planted fruits and vegetables and a few flowers just for beauty.
 He swirled around and landed on a small bench and the gardener came over and said, “I have never seen a bird like you,” and Arcan said, “Thank you.” The gardener said, “You seem to have a sort of glow about you.” “Thank you,” said Arcan. “And I can hear you speaking,” said the gardener. “Yes, I hear you as well. Is your life all right,” Arcan said.
 The gardener said, “Well, I come up here to the garden because sometimes people are not pleasant and sometimes I am not pleasant in return and I would like to be different, maybe better.”
 Arcan said, “Here, let me help.” He flew up in the air and swirled around over the gardener and settled back down on the small bench. The gardener said softly, “I feel so much better.” Arcan flew up again and flew around the garden and the fruits and vegetables and flowers glowed a bit.
 “I think,” Arcan said, “I will fly around other places where there is food and maybe I could help to bring about a change for the better.”  The gardener waved at him and off Arcan went and he’s been flying ever since.
 Maybe you’ll see him someday soon.