Saturday, July 08, 2017

Happy Returns

He felt like he’d just woken up from a deep dream. He smiled and looked up. Bright blue with a few puffy white clouds and he smiled wider. “Oh, this is perfect,” he thought. 

He looked down towards the villages and cities, for he could see in all directions being at the very top of the mountain. “It looks quiet but there’s sort of a sadness there,” he thought to himself, “I wonder if they’re missing something?” 

Sky, his dog, who had been laying beside him during his long nap looked at him and said, in that special way they had of talking just through their eyes, something that helped him to understand. 

Sky said, “They are missing you. They are missing that naturally happy part of themselves. You don’t remember but you came up here because the people began losing their happiness and since you are the one that holds and protects the peoples happiness you came up here to keep it safe. Do you remember now?” 

Yes”, said he said, “I do remember that now. Thank you for reminding me. Perhaps we should come down from the mountain.” 

“Yes Hap,” Sky said, “Lets come down from the mountain now and you can sprinkle your happiness all the way down.” 

“How shall I do that,” He asked. Sky said, “The clouds are forming above you now because they will help. So just look at the clouds.” 

Hap looked up at the clouds and soon they became heavy and thick and a slight golden and green color appeared that looked a bit like a rainbow and then there was pink and light blue as well. “Oh, I like those colors the clouds are.” “Yes,” Sky responded, “Very nice. Now just be yourself and look at the clouds.”

Hap was filled with his own happiness and looked at the clouds and soon the clouds spread out all over the land. The mountain, yes, the small villages and the cities and all over the planet and rained lightly. 

Some people remember the rain that came in different colors and felt like it was tingly and after that, people were happy and liked each other and weren’t mad at each other for reasons they couldn’t even remember anymore. Life got better and Hap was able to come down from the mountain with his dog Sky and all was well again. 

May Happiness visit you soon and your town or your city and may it visit all your friends and family and for that to happen in the most benevolent way for you all now. Goodlife