Thursday, October 26, 2017

Candy Corn's Inspiration

“What is that? I can’t make that out.”
“What, I can’t hear you. Can’t you speak louder?”
“I still can’t hear you. Can you speak louder?”
After a sort of scrabbling, ripping, popping sound from a brightly colored bag came a shout, “Here I am!”
“Ah, there, now I can hear you. Who are you? You’re really different looking.” “I’m Candy Corn,” she said happily.
“You…you’re Candy Corn eh?” “That’s right! Who are you?” “I’m Licorice. Hello.” “What is this place,” Candy Corn asked.
“It’s a grocery store,” said Licorice. “We’re on a shelf. Butterscotch told me something. He said that people will come here and take us to their homes and put us in bags for little people. What do you think of that?”
“Wow! That sounds like fun!”
“Are you always so cheerful and happy,” Licorice said feeling a little overwhelmed by Candy Corn’s enthusiasm.
“I’ve always been like this as far back as I can remember,” Candy Corn answered.
“Well, you are very colorful. Yellow and orange and a little white. A very pleasing effect,” Licorice commented, “I noticed everyone else with you are all the same colors.”
“Yes, we all like to be colorful in the same way. You  have lots of colors too. I see black and red and yellow and all sorts of colors. I like it,” Candy Corn said, “Very stylish.”
“Do you think we have a purpose besides being as sweet as we are,” asked Candy Corn. 
“Well, it seems that people don’t always know how to say nice things to each other or even to talk to each other and sometimes they like to bring out  sweet things like us, candy, that can cheer everybody up,”Licorice responded.
“Now I understand that…” said Candy Corn “…but isn’t there something that can be done so that human beings could still enjoy candy but don’t use it instead of being able to talk to each other?"
“Wow, that’s a pretty profound thought for candy,” said Butterscotch chiming in to the conversation. 
“Still, maybe there is,” Candy Corn continued feeling inspired, “Maybe we could start a new slogan called, Candy or conversation or both!”
“I like that,”Licorice and Butterscotch said together, “That’s good” “Let’s do that,” They all said together in happy excitement.
It’s okay for Halloween to be sweet as well as fun. Hope you have good times, good talks and maybe new friends too. Goodlife