Saturday, February 25, 2017

If Only

Walking across the prairie, the giraffe looked in all directions. He didn’t see anyone except his friend, the little one. Little One was also looking out. They got to a spot where there were a few trees and there were a few birds looking on but they were friends. 

Giraffe looked down at his friend Little One and Little One looked back up and they smiled at each other and Giraffe slowly shrank and got smaller and smaller until he looked just like Little One and they played in the grass and jumped around and found nuts and little foods that they could eat and they had fun and then they went over to the tree and the birds came down and they turned into birds and flew around in the sky with all the other birds. 

Then, after a time they all came back and the birds settled in the trees but Giraffe and Little One settled on the ground and they turned into beings like Little One and then Giraffe slowly got bigger and bigger and bigger until he was his normal size and they looked at each other, Little One and Giraffe, and smiled and Giraffe could see into the trees and the birds were all smiling too with their eyes glittering and they were almost winking, the way birds wink, in a happy way. 

Giraffe thought to himself, “If only people could do this so they could find out what it’s like to be other beings - to be different - to be completely different then what you are but to discover the joy of it as we are able to do by some miracle.”

Giraffe discussed this with his friend, Little One and they said, “If only” and the birds nodded in agreement. 

“Maybe it could happen for people somehow if they imagine it and actually try to feel it - you know - feel what it feels like,” Little One said. Little One looked at Giraffe and Giraffe thought about it and said, “Maybe.” Little One looked at the birds and the birds nodded with their maybe nod. They all smiled at each other. Maybe.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Place

This is a mystical story of change and transformation. I have written it that way and it has that energy. 
So you will see that there are run on sentences and places where the punctuation needs to be corrected but all the words are spelled right and all you will read will be of the story and of life itself. 
I hope you like it. It has affected me in a benevolent way and may it be the same for you.

Upon awakening from the deepest sleep he’d ever known he had a vision. It was a village high up in the mountain. He knew he’d been there once before but he couldn’t remember why but he was young and strong and so he decided to pack a good lunch and take a few extra things - water and things he might need for a good long day hike. 
It was warm outside but of course high up on the mountain it would be much cooler, so he’d bring extra things for warmth and he got all that together in a short time and started on the trail. 
It was an easy way - about half way up it got a little harder but he liked that and when he got to the place where he remembered there was a village he looked around and felt it was right there but he wasn’t sure how to get there. 
All of a sudden he saw a place that if he looked in that direction it was sort of blurry. He looked around all the other directions - everything was sharp and clear. There were the trees and some leaves on the ground and a squirrel and a rabbit - off in the distance that might be a deer but in this one spot he looked it was kind of blurry and he walked towards it and he got a little closer and all of a sudden he felt a little dizzy and he walked through and there was the village just like he’d remembered it. 
It was warm and comfortable there and he took off his backpack and set it down. He wasn’t sure whether to go ahead or not so he sat on a rock and pretty soon a young woman came up about his age and sat on the rock too and they looked at each other and she said, “You’re not of my world” and he said, “I want to be of this world” and she said, “In order to be of this world you have to let go of all of the things that are unpleasant from your world” and he said, “I would like to do that” and she held her arm out towards him for a moment and pretty soon he forgot all of the things he didn’t like about his old world and he was able to be with her in that moment and feel as a portion of her world and they moved down the path closer into her village and as they got closer and closer to her village he felt himself not quite being there and then he saw a blurry place and he knew he was supposed to walk through it and even though the tears were running down his face he walked through it and he was back on the trail but he didn’t have his pack and his things. 
He walked down the trail crying all the way - not sobbing but the tears were running down his face. He wasn’t like he had been when he came up on the mountain - strong but also with feelings of anger. He was now the way she was in her world and he left all his things there. 
He knew he would go back but he had to walk down the trail and take one more look at where he was from and when he looked back at his village he could see that he had to grieve for letting go of the good people there and he did that for a while and then the tears stopped and he ran back up the trail and he got to the place where he could see the blurry spot and he quickly ran through it and there was his backpack and there were things but he knew he didn’t need that anymore. 
He sat on the rock and soon she came along and she said, “Are you ready now” and he said, “Yes, now I can be.” They walked down towards her village and he didn’t see the blurry spot anymore. He had let go of all that was hurtful and harmful in him and he had moved on to be in the place of love with her. 
Happy Valentine’s Day.