Monday, December 19, 2005

A Little Gift For You

Once upon a time there was a happy holiday. The happy holiday was lonely
because it didn't have a day to celebrate. Oh it was happy alright but it
didn't know what it was happy about.

It decided to ask its best friend what it could do about that. Now its best
friend was Mary Christmas and Mary said "we have to put our heads together
about this. I know what", Mary said, "we'll invent a holiday for you."

"What will we call it", Happy said. "We'll call it twosday",she replyed. "Oh
that's wonderfull", Happy said, "what is it celebrating?" "It's celebrating
the number two",said Mary. "Oh", said Happy.

Well for many years everyone celebrated Twosday and Happy was very happy.
But you know how it is, over time people forgot what the holiday was about
even though they celebrated it all over the world. One day Happy said to
Mary,"I think people have forgotten what Twosday is all about even though
they seem to be having fun. Do you think we ought to do anything to remind

"Well", Mary said, "I'll have to think about that." And so she did. "I have
it", she said, "why don't we commemorate Twosday with a special dedication
and a re-christening. We'll change the spelling to Tuesday and then if
people don't remember that it's a celebration of the number two, you won't
feel so bad about it since it's mispeled anyway." "Oh I feel much better
about that", Happy said, "now I don't have to feel nervous that people have
forgotten what my holiday is all about." "Good", said Mary, "and to support
you I'll change my name too. I'll call myself Merry Christmas". And they
both smiled and were happy.

Well you know how things are. People forget things over time and even though
we still have Tuesday nobody really remembers what it celebrates but
everyone remembers Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

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