Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rainbow Rising

Charlie looked out across the open plane. He could see as far as he needed to but he was waiting because in the canyon that was just past the plane, every day about this time it would have a rain shower and he would enjoy watching that even though it didn’t come, most of the time, to where he lived.

He liked to watch it because at this time of day the rainbow would rise. “Oh what a glorious sight that is,” he thought as he relived it in his mind, “It literally starts as light very bright on the ground and then if you don’t know what it is you’re fascinated.”

The first time he saw it he literally ran towards it until he realized it was a rainbow! And up it came and it lasted for as long as the rain shower lasted which is usually about 10 minutes.

“What a beautiful thing, “ he thought, “Mother Earth is such a wonderful mother because even though she provides things that can be challenging and even daunting she also is generous with her gifts.”

“Thank you Mother Earth,” he thought. He looked down as he said that and then he crouched down and touched her dirt and said almost reverently, “Thank you for all your kind gifts you give me.”
May you also have gifts from Mother Earth and a benevolent 2018. Goodlife


Kirsten K said...

Thank you, Robert! Happy New Year!

celine albert said...

..Thank you Robby, a little warmth for the heart, much needed here! -20 and -30 degrees wether here for a long time...too long...Happy new year to you and yours.

Robert Shapiro said...

Happy New Year Kirsten and Celine!